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Mary Banks


Mary Banks is an apostle called to serve the latter-day church.  In 1985, the Lord visited Mary Banks and told her He was sending her to the body of Christ to deliver His message of truth.  He said just as He sent Moses to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt’s bondage, He would send her to deliver His people out of ignorance.  The Father instructed her to train His people and document all revelations He poured out. 

Over thirty years later, Mary Banks is the founder of Bible Teachers International Worship Centers, Mary Banks Ministries, and Bible Theater International now located throughout the U.S., Canada, The Caribbean Islands, India, Africa, and London.  Through the Mary Banks Faith Library facet of the ministry, she has kept her promise to document every revelatory message.  Nearing its sixth season, her show, Bible Talk with Mary,” is one of the many ways that she takes time to provide in-depth teaching of the word based on topics for which many desperately want an understanding.  Recognized as “The Bible Teacher” to the Body of Christ, as well as an international speaker, Mary has authored many books and courses,  that have brought a sure word to the world and the Church.

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